MS DTC for Azure SQL Managed Instance - extending distributed transaction support (private preview)
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[Edit] 11/21/2023 - DTC for SQL MI is GA. Learn more about it here:
[Edit] 11/17/2022 - We've announced public preview of DTC for Azure SQL Managed Instance. Learn how you can use DTC today here.


Today, Azure SQL Managed Instance supports cross-instance distributed transactions, meaning that you can run distributed transactions between multiple databases hosted on several managed instances.


To extend the set of currently supported scenarios, we are working on enabling managed MS DTC for Azure SQL Managed Instance. This has been one of the top voted asks for Azure SQL Managed Instance on Azure FeedbackThe scope of this improvement can enable you to run distributed transactions between Azure SQL Managed Instance and other distributed transaction participants and that includes:

  • Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • SQL Server hosted anywhere
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Other software that can participate in distributed transactions, such as MSMQ.

SQL MI MS DTC diagram.png


Running distributed transactions in a heterogenous environment can enable you to perform transparent migration of your databases from SQL Server; to entirely or partially migrate or modernize your existing solutions; and develop new applications with complex transactional patterns on Azure SQL Managed Instance.

We’re happy to announce managed MS DTC is available today for private preview. It currently requires a new test instance to be created by following specific instructions. The purpose of the private preview is to validate the functionality meets your needs. We are interested in your feedback on the overall experience of running distributed transactions and your applications on managed instance!

To participate in the private preview and try out the new functionality, apply by filling out this form.


Apply for MS DTC for SQL Managed Instance private previewApply for MS DTC for SQL Managed Instance private preview

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