Hear from your Favorite Microsoft Azure Data Speakers at Data Platform Summit
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Data Platform Summit (DPS) is the largest online learning event on Microsoft Azure Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. This community-driven conference is now a global event running non-stop training classes with pre-cons, sessions, and post-cons running from November 30 through December 8.

The Microsoft Azure data team will have quite a presence at DPS with 35+ sessions focused on Azure Arc enabled Data Services, SQL Server, Database migration to Azure, Azure SQL Edge, and Azure SQL.  You’ll hear about the innovations and customer scenarios built on SQL Server and Azure SQL directly from the Azure data team. And on November 30 and December 1, the team delivering 3 live pre-cons which will run 4 hours each day for 2 consecutive days.


To get access to DPS for conference materials, sessions, training classes, recordings, and more register online today! As an added incentive to attend, DPS is offering the last 12 hours of the conference free for anyone to join.


Start planning today with this quick reference list of our Microsoft Azure data sessions (session links and dates will be updated as I get them):


Speakers Title Date/Time (PST)
David Pless, Pam Lahoud, Amit Khandelwal, Tejas Shah, Aditya Badramraju SQL Server: Advanced Training for Azure VM Deployments 11/30/20-12/1/20
Bob Ward,
Anna Hoffman
The Azure SQL Workshop 11/30/20-12/1/20
Raj Pochiraju Deep Dive SQL Server Migration to Azure SQL 11/30/20-12/1/20
Amit Khandelwal  SQL containers are ready, are you? - For DBA and Developers 12/1/20 9:30 PM
Tejas Shah Deployment, High Availability and Performance guidance for SQL Server on Linux in Azure IaaS ecosystem 12/2/20 12:30 AM
Balmukund Lakhani, Dimitri Furman Fine Tuning Clouds: Azure SQL Database Performance Tuning Tips and Tricks 12/2/20 3:30 AM
Bob Ward Inside Waits, Latches, and Spinlocks Returns 12/2/20 6:30 AM
Pedro Lopez & Joe Sack Azure SQL: Getting Started With An Intelligent Database 12/2/20 6:30 AM
Amit Banerjee SQL Server Licensing: Demystified 12/2/20 11:00 AM
Arvind Shyamsundar DevOps for AzureSQL 12/2/20 11:00 AM
Vin Yu What is Azure Arc Enabled Managed Instance? 12/2/20 11:00 AM
Kevin Farlee New ways to keep your SQL databases on Azure VMs protected and available 12/2/20 12:30 PM
Davide Mauri Create secure API with .NET, Dapper and Azure SQL  12/2/20 2:00 PM
Vasiya Krishnan, Sourabh Agarwal Real-time data analysis using Azure SQL Edge 12/2/20 2:00 PM
Rajesh Setlem, Mohammed Kabiruddin Understanding your SQL Server readiness to migrate databases to Azure SQL using database assessment and migration tools 12/2/20 3:30 PM
Drew Skwiers-Koballa, Udeesha Gautam SQL Database Projects 12/2/20 5:00 PM
David Pless, Brian Carrig SQL Server 2019: Building A Foundation With Persistent Memory 12/2/20 6:30 PM
Raj Pochiraju
Balmukund Lakhani
Ajay Jagannathan
App Modernization and Migration from End to end, using data migration tools and Azure SQL  12/2/20 6:30 PM
Sanjay Mishra The Future of Cloud Relational Databases 12/2/20 8:00 PM
Borko Novakovic, Vladimir Ivanovic, Srdan Bozovic Modernize your SQL applications with the recently enhanced version of Azure SQL Managed Instance  12/2/20 9:30 PM
Bob Ward Inside SQL Server on Kubernetes 12/3/20 6:30 AM
Julie Koesmarno
Alan Yu
Azure Data Studio Notebooks Power Hour 12/3/20 8:00 AM
Ajay Jagannathan Azure SQL: What to use when and product updates 12/3/20 9:30 AM
Aditya Badramraju, Pam Lahoud SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines Reimagined 12/3/20 11:00 AM
Alain Dormehl, Mara Steiu 360-degree view of Azure SQL Monitoring 12/3/20 12:30 PM
Emily Lisa, Shreya Verma Azure SQL High Availability and Disaster Recovery 12/3/20 2:00 PM
Andreas Wolter Securing your data in Azure SQL Database 12/3/20 3:30 PM
Mihaela Blendea Gain insights with SQL Server Big Data Clusters on Red Hat OpenShift 12/3/20 6:30 PM
Vicky Harp, Ken Van Hyning State of the SQL Tools 12/3/20 6:30 PM
Jose Manuel Jurado, Roberto Cavalcanti Azure SQL Database - Troubleshooting real world scenarios with Microsoft Support Engineers 12/3/20 11:00 PM
Melony Qin Administrating Big Data Clusters ( BDC )  12/4/20 3:30 AM
Denzil Ribeiro Azure SQL Hyperscale Deep Dive 12/4/20 6:30 AM
Hannah Qin, Drew Skwiers-Koballa How to Become an Azure Data Studio Contributor 12/4/20 6:30 AM
Silvano Coriani Leverage Azure SQL Database for Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP)​ 12/4/20 8:00 AM
Jean-Yves Devant What is Azure Arc enabled PostgreSQL Hyperscale? 12/4/20 11:00 AM
Raj Pochiraju
Mukesh Kumar
Database modernization best practices and lessons learned through customer engagements  12/4/20 12:30 PM
Sasha Nosov Azure Arc Enabled SQL Server 12/4/20 12:30 PM


We’re looking forward to seeing you for this around-the-clock event!  Tweet us at @AzureSQL for sessions you are most excited about.


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