Always Encrypted with secure enclaves – DC-series with up to 40 vCores now generally available
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We are excited to announce the general availability of the new DC-series databases with up to 40 vCores!


Always Encrypted with secure enclaves leverages the Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) technology available in the DC-series hardware configuration. Intel SGX enables computations on sensitive encrypted data inside a server-side hardware-based secure enclave that protects data confidentiality from rogue admins and malware. This means you can protect your data from unauthorized access, even if the database is compromised or malicious insiders have access to it. You can also use secure enclaves to enable in-place encryption and rich confidential queries on encrypted data, such as pattern matching, sorting, grouping, and indexing. This reduces the performance overhead and complexity of encryption, making it easier and faster to work with your encrypted data.




Our DC-series databases are powered by the latest Intel Xeon processors with Software Guard Extensions (SGX) support, which provide the hardware-based isolation and attestation for secure enclaves. They also offer up to 40 vCores of compute power and up to 180 GB of memory, making them ideal for high-performance and data-intensive workloads that require stronger security protection.


Get started today


When creating a new database in the Azure Portal, go to Service and Compute tier section, select the DC-series and move the slider up to the number of vCores you want to configure (max 40 vCores). For modifying an existing database, go to the Compute + storage blade, select the DC-series and move the slider up to the number of vCores you want to configure (max 40 vCores). Provisioning of DC-series databases is also possible using T-SQL commands, Az.Sql PowerShell cmdlets or Azure CLI.




Learn more

The new DC-series offer is available now and you can start using it today. To learn more about this offer, see:

We hope you enjoy this new offer, and we look forward to hearing your feedback – please contact us at



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