Azure VMware Solution Syslog Forwarder
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Large enterprise and strategic customers have existing and established monitoring solutions that are a constraint for adopting new solutions such as the Azure VMware Solution. Customers do not want to adopt a new real-time monitoring framework for the Azure VMware Solution. This Syslog Forwarder function allows a customer to achieve operational excellence with the Azure VMware Solution and meet their operational management goals.


The Azure VMware Solution does not currently support Syslog Forwarding to a customer Syslog server. This Syslog Forwarder function provides this capability by streaming Azure VMware Solution Diagnostic logs as a JSON.string to Azure Event Hub which is then processed by an Azure Function App to convert the JSON.string into Syslog format and send to an external Syslog server.



Figure 1 – Azure VMware Solution Syslog Forwarder Function




The Azure VMware Solution product group has created this GitHub repository to share prescriptive architectural approaches and tools for customers and partners using the Azure VMware Solution service. This is intended to enhance the value of the Azure VMware Solution service to our customers and partners.


To navigate the Azure VMware Solution GitHub repository, select the solution you are interested in from the Table of Contents in the file to open the project folder. Each project has a descriptive file that describes how to use it.


Azure VMware Solution is a VMware validated first party Azure service from Microsoft that provides private clouds containing VMware vSphere clusters built from dedicated bare-metal Azure infrastructure. It enables customers to leverage their existing investments in VMware skills and tools, allowing them to focus on developing and running their VMware-based workloads on Azure.


If you are interested in the Azure VMware Solution, please use these resources to learn more about the service:



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