Create the Future at Microsoft Azure HPC + AI Infrastructure Summit with AMD.
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HPC AI Infrastructure SummitHPC AI Infrastructure Summit

Discover how Microsoft, AMD, and your peers are revolutionizing their infrastructure with HPC+AI


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Join us for the “HPC + AI Infrastructure Summit with Microsoft and AMD,” a premier event designed to elevate your understanding and capabilities in HPC and AI. This 3-day summit will open doors to not only broaden your knowledge but also to harness the potential of cutting-edge innovations in HPC and AI.

This is an unmissable opportunity to hear from top industry leaders like Nidhi Chappell, VP of Azure HPC + AI Infrastructure and recipient of a recipient of the HPCWire’s 2023 People to Watch, and Andrew Jones, who leads our Future HPC + AI Capabilities. They, along with other distinguished speakers from AMD and our industry partners, will provide invaluable insights into the advancements driving our sector forward.



This event is designed for IT decision-makers, engineers, data scientists, and tech leaders focused on implementing cutting-edge technology solutions within their organizations.



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Learn the latest HPC and AI innovations to accelerate your projects. Choose your own adventure with multiple product and industry tracks. Participate in labs, demos, and technical deep dives to gain practical skills. Hear firsthand from customers on how HPC and AI are reshaping industries. Connect with industry leaders and peers during networking sessions.


Don’t miss exciting keynotes and sessions from HPC thought leaders.




Nidhi Chappell


Vice President Azure HPC + AI Infrastructure

  • Day 1 – June 4 9:15-10:00 AM
  • Keynote: Vision and Customer Highlights


Andrew Jones


Leader Azure Future HPC + AI Capabilities

  • Day 1 – June 4 10:00-10:40 AM
  • Keynote: Future of Supercomputing and Roadmap


Aung Oo


General Manager Azure Storage Engineering

  • Day 1 – June 4 11:00-11:40 AM
  • Plenary: Storage for HPC + AI Infrastructure


Robert Hormuth


Corporate Vice President Architecture & Strategy DCS

  • Day 2 – June 5 9:10-9:40 AM
  • Keynote: AMD Vision and Roadmap


Dr. Prith Banerjee


Chief Technical Officer


  • Day 1 – June 4 9:15-10:00 AM
  • Keynote: Vision and Customer Highlights


Kiran Bhageshpur


Chief Technical Officer


  • Day 1 – June 4 11:00-11:40 AM
  • Plenary: Storage for HPC + AI Infrastructure

Customize your event experience with sessions for automotive, financial, energy, life sciences, and manufacturing sectors, including relevant cross-industry solutions.

HPC Industry TrackHPC Industry Track


  • Learn from the best: Direct insights from industry leaders.
  • Hands-on technology exposure: Get up close with the latest innovations; bring your device to work out solutions labs.
  • Expand your network: Meet potential collaborators and industry peers.
  • Industry-relevant sessions: Tailored insights that apply directly to your sector.


Day 1 Agenda Overview – June 4

Start End Session Speakers
8:00 9:00 Registration & Breakfast in the Event Lobby
9:00 9:15 Executive Welcome to Summit Erin Chapple CVP Azure Core Product and Design
9:15 10:00 Keynote: Vision and Customer Highlights Nidhi Chappell VP Azure HPC + AI Infrastructure and Dr. Prith Banerjee Ansys CTO
10:00 10:40 Keynote: Future of Supercomputing and Roadmap Andrew Jones Azure Future HPC + AI Capabilities Leader
10:40 11:00 Break – 20 mins
11:00 11:40 Storage for HPC + AI Infrastructure Aung Oo Microsoft Partner General Manager Azure Storage Engineering, Kiran Bhageshpur Qumulo CTO
11:40 12:15 Fireside Chat with Microsoft CVPs Erin Chapple CVP Azure Core Product and Design, Eric Lockard CVP Azure Specialized Workloads, hosted by Andrew Jones Azure Future HPC + AI Capabilities Leader
12:15 1:15 Catered Lunch – 60 mins
1:15 2:30 Azure HPC + AI Infra Portfolio - Intro and Teasers: H N Viz SW Linux VDI Microsoft Product Engineering Team
2:45 3:45 3x Product Breakouts + 3x Industry Breakouts  
3:45 4:00 Break – 15 mins
4:00 5:00 Interactive Customer Panel Moderated by Andrew Jones Azure Future HPC + AI Capabilities Leader
5:00 7:00 Summit Technologists Networking Reception – All attendees welcome

Subject to change

Day 1 Product Breakouts – June 4 2:45 PM-3:45 PM

Start End Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
2:45 3:45 In-depth: Azure VM Products - H (HPC Infra) including (1) and (2) InfiniBand Reliable Deployments and Diagnostics In-depth session: Batch & CycleCloud
2:45 3:45 Discussion & Customer Inputs: Observability and performance metrics Deploy Slurm on Azure from your remote Linux desktop in minutes with Linux VDI and Cycle Cloud Slurm Workspace  

Subject to change

Day 1 Industry Breakouts – June 4 2:45-3:45 PM

Start End Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
2:45 3:15 Healthcare & Life Sciences The future of Healthcare: Genomics Sequencing Integration of Workflow Schedulers in Azure Visualization and beyond Presented by: Roberto Lleras Microsoft Manufacturing Panel: Revolutionizing Product Development: Azure's Compute Power Meets Generative AI Executive: Tim Ryder Microsoft Moderator: Andy Chan Microsoft Panelists: Dr. Erik Berg Microsoft Nathan Chang AMD Srikanth Gubbala Applied Materials Brian Andrus LAM Research Energy Top AI Use Cases in the Energy Sector Powered By HPC Presented by: Hema Prapoo Microsoft
3:15 3:45 Healthcare & Life Sciences Azure Quantum Elements—Transforming R&D in Pharma with HPC + AI Presented by: Gorka Madariaga Microsoft   Energy AMD Accelerated Compute for Energy Presented by: Varun Selvaraj AMD

Subject to change

Day 2 Agenda Overview – June 5

Start End Session Speakers
8:00 9:00 Registration & Breakfast
9:00 9:10 Executive Welcome Day 2 Henrik Gutle GM Azure Business Group Americas
9:10 9:40 Keynote: AMD Vision and Roadmap Robert Hormuth AMD CVP Architecture & Strategy Data Center Solutions
9:40 10:10 Best practices for successfully leveraging HPC AI Infrastructure on Azure Kanchan Mehrotra Principal Group PM Manager
10:10 10:45 HPC Support and CSA Enablement Bill Paxson Support Engineer Manager, Brian Timpe Sr. HPC Cloud Solution Architect
10:45 11:00 Break 15 mins
11:00 11:30 Application Performance and Benchmarks Joe Greenseid Principal HPC + AI Product Engineering
11:30 12:15 Industry Panel Moderated by Desiree Campbell Americas Azure HPC + AI Managing Director
12:15 1:15 Catered Networking Lunch – 60 mins
1:15 2:15 3x Product Breakouts + 3x Industry Breakouts  
2:15 2:30 Break 15 mins
2:30 3:30 3x Product Breakouts + 3x Industry Breakouts  
3:30 3:45 Break 15 mins
3:45 4:30 Open Mic / AMA with Microsoft Product Leaders  
4:30 5:00 HPC & AI Technology Futures Roundtable Led by Alan More Managing Director of Microsoft Met Office Program, Dr. Erik Berg Azure Sr Principal Engineer, Evan Burness Azure HPC Platforms & Infrastructure Lead, Phil Steinke AMD Fellow CAD Infrastructure and Physical Design
5:00 5:10 Closing and Thank You Desiree Campbell Americas Azure HPC + AI Managing Director

Subject to change

Day 2 Product Breakouts – June 5 1:15-3:30 PM

Start End Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
1:15 1:45 In-depth: Azure VM Products - N (AI Infra) (AMD) Managed HPC services in Azure? Lessons from mission critical HPC in Azure? In-depth session: Azure HPC Linux distros
1:45 2:15 In-depth: Azure VM Products - N (AI Infra) (NVIDIA) Anatomy of a customer journey on Azure HPC: Vestas Discussion & Customer Inputs: HPC Software Stack incl. Convergence of HPC & AI
2:30 3:00 Video Processing with Azure NM-series In-depth best practice and key tips for HPC with Azure Sessions require an NDA Azure AMD Roadmap HPC/AI Software Roadmap Discussion & Customer Inputs: Future product directions
3:00 3:30 Visualization with Azure NV* series Reduce development costs with Copilots for HPC workload management  

Subject to change

Day 2 Industry Breakouts – June 5 1:15-3:30 PM

Start End Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
1:15 1:45 Financial Services HPC Risk Workloads and Azure Presented by: Kent Altena Microsoft, Herman Nakamura AMD, Rick Hughson AMD Automotive & Mobility Autonomous Vehicles- Past Present & Future. Presented by: Danny Atsmon Cognata, Kurt Niebuhr Microsoft Energy WEKA product demonstration Presented by: Raj Sharma WEKA
1:45 2:15 Financial Services Optimizing HPC Workloads in Azure for Financial Services Presented by: Kent Altena Microsoft, Herman Nakamura AMD, Rick Hughson AMD, Shaun Welsh Moody’s Analytics Manufacturing Next-gen CAE modeling and Digital Twinning for industrial/Manufacturing Presented by: Pieter Fountain Microsoft, Rick Knoechel AMD, Andy Byers Ansys Cross-Industry Building a True Global Namespace for Cloud AI and Data Pipelines Presented by: Neeloy Bhattacharyya VAST Data
2:30 3:00 Financial Services Unleashing the Power of HPC Grids in FSI: Overcoming Storage Hurdles Presented by: Kent Altena Microsoft, Adam Ginsberg NetApp Automotive & Mobility Panel: Transforming Automotive Industry Through AI Panel: Industry leaders from Microsoft, AMD, and Neutral Concept Energy & Manufacturing Azure Quantum Elements—Transforming R&D for chemistry processes with HPC + AI Presented by: Gorka Madariaga Microsoft
3:00 3:30 Cross-Industry Breaking the speed limit with WEKA: Getting the most out of Azure BLOB Storage Presented by: Kent Altena Microsoft, Raj Sharma WEKA Automotive & Mobility Advancing the Automotive Future with Digital Engineering Presented by: Dr. Ahmed Taha Microsoft, Rick Knoechel AMD, Andy Byers Ansys  

Subject to change

Day 3 Agenda Overview – June 6

Start End Session
8:00 9:00 Registration & Breakfast
9:00 10:00 3x Hand-On Labs / Demo Sessions
10:00 10:15 15 min Break
10:15 11:15 3x Hand-On Labs / Demo Sessions
11:15 11:30 15 min Break
11:30 12:30 3x Hand-On Labs / Demo Sessions
12:30 1:30 Catered Lunch 60 mins

Subject to change

Day 3 Hand-on Labs and Solutions Demonstrations – June 6 9:00 AM-12:30 PM

Start End Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
9:00 10:00 e2e HPC Environment on Azure–Lift & Shift Facilitated by: Hugo Meiland Microsoft, Ben George Microsoft AMD Innovation Lab with Ansys Focus Application developed by Oakwood Presented by: Dan Cooke Oakwood, Jason Scheffelmaer Microsoft Integrating Azure Native Qumulo with Microsoft Copilot Facilitated by: Kevin McDonald Qumulo
10:15 11:15 e2e HPC environment on Azure (cloud native and SaaS) Facilitated by: Marco Netto Microsoft, Sonal Doomra Microsoft Ansys Access Technical Session Presented by: JJ Jones Ansys, Krishna Samavedam Ansys, Hugo Meiland Microsoft Altair Engineering Tech Presentation/Demo Presented by: Shaun Kroeger Altair
11:30 12:30 Rescale: Harnessing the Data Explosion for New Insights in Engineering & Scientific Computing Presented by: Madhu Vellakal Rescale, Eric Schieferstein Rescale Azure Quantum Elements Technical deep dive demonstration and hands-on lab Presented by: Microsoft Azure Quantum Elements Team Siemens NX on AVD + StarCCM hands-on lab Presented by: Siemens, Sunita Phanse Microsoft

Subject to change


Event Partners

Learn more about our Event Partner Sponsors and meet them during the Networking Technologist Reception at the end of Day 1.

Platinum Partners


Hardware Provider

AMD drives innovation in computing graphics and AI supporting billions of users and top companies worldwide. At the forefront of technology for over 50 years AMD delivers high-performance solutions that enhance daily life and business.

Key contributions to Azure HPC + AI Infrastructure:

  • AMD Instinct MI300X accelerators: Featured in Azure's new ND MI300x v5 VMs optimized for AI workloads providing unmatched efficiency and scalability.
  • 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors: Powering new general purpose memory-intensive and compute-optimized VMs delivering up to 20% better performance and 2x the CPU performance for compute tasks.
  • Azure NGads V620 Series VMs: GPU-accelerated VMs for visualization workloads powered by AMD Radeon™ PRO V620 GPUs and 3rd Gen AMD EPYC CPUs supporting demanding applications like gaming and rendering.

Supporting resources: AMD Brings New AI and Compute Capabilities to Microsoft Customers

Sessions not to miss!

  • Day 2 – June 5 4:30-5:00 PM Keynote: AMD Vision and Roadmap with Robert Hormuth CVP Architecture & Strategy
  • Day 3 – June 6 9:00-10:00 AM AMD Innovation Lab with Oakwood and a focus on Ansys

Check out the new AMD Healthcare Solutions site where you will find lots of resources including this White Paper: 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Gold Partners

ansys logo.png

Software Provider for HPC & AI

Ansys Access on Microsoft Azure is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace enabling fast flexible and scalable access to Ansys’ world-leading engineering simulation technology. Customers can use their existing Microsoft Azure tenants ensuring maximum data integrity and security while leveraging existing commercial agreements for Ansys software and Microsoft Azure infrastructure. With minimal initial setup customers can access pre-configured Ansys simulation tools in the cloud via an intuitive easy-to-use web interface. In addition Ansys Access on Microsoft Azure is an open platform allowing customers to configure their own workflows by manually incorporating third party applications. Meet your engineering budget and goals with the speed and scale of Ansys access on Microsoft Azure.

Learn more at Ansys Access for Microsoft Azure

Qmulo logo.png

Data Storage & Management

Qumulo provides elastic high-performance file storage solutions designed for large volumes of unstructured data offering disruptively low prices. Integrated with Microsoft Azure as a fully managed service Azure Native Qumulo supports data-intensive HPC and AI workloads offering simple management at exabyte scale and unlimited performance. Ideal for industries like healthcare / life sciences energy manufacturing media and finance Qumulo helps businesses maximize their Azure HPC + AI infrastructure with reliable and scalable storage.

Learn more at Azure Native Qumulo


  • Qumulo announces integration with Microsoft Copilot.
  • Qumulo announces industry’s fastest AI benchmark for HPC storage.

Learn more here.

Silver Partners

Netapp logo.png

Data Storage & Management

NetApp is the intelligent data infrastructure company, delivering silo-free infrastructure, harnessing observability and AI to enable the best data management everywhere.
Azure NetApp Files (ANF) is the high performance, native, first party file service delivering consistent, high-throughput, low-latency access to CIFS and NFS shares hosted on NetApp-engineered, all-flash file server clusters resident in Microsoft Azure’s regional data centers.
Learn more Azure data services – Azure cloud migration & Azure storage | NetApp

Check out our partnership video  Microsoft AMD and NetApp EDA 

Oakwood logo.png

Cloud & Infrastructure Services

As a distinguished Microsoft Solutions Partner Oakwood is a leading provider of transformative Cloud & Infrastructure Services Custom Application Development Data & Analytics AI and Managed IT Services. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure Oakwood specializes in optimizing HPC and AI workloads enabling businesses to accelerate innovation and drive performance. Our comprehensive solutions ensure seamless integration scalability and enhanced data management empowering organizations to achieve their digital transformation goals with confidence and efficiency.

Learn more at Oakwood Azure HPC Services

Rescale logo.png

Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Rescale in partnership with Microsoft empowers organizations to accelerate engineering simulations by 10000X while reducing their operational R&D costs by more than 80% by combining the best of Azure HPC+AI in a centralized HPC platform. Rescale’s HPC Built for the Cloud platform enables engineers and technology leaders to harness the latest technologies and discover new product breakthroughs. Innovators from the automotive to life sciences industries use Rescale to equip their R&D teams with the world’s largest library of simulation applications and specialized computing architectures leading security and compliance and intelligent automation. Rescale is recognized by Deloitte as a Technology Fast 500 company and by the World Economic Forum as a Global Innovator Unicorn.

Learn more at Rescale on Azure

Bronze Partners

Altair Logo.png

Software Provider for HPC & AI

Altair is a global leader in computational intelligence that provides software and cloud solutions in simulation HPC data analytics and AI. Altair enables organizations across all industries to compete more effectively and drive smarter decisions in an increasingly connected world – all while creating a greener more sustainable future.

Learn more at

hammerspace logo.jpg

Data Storage & Management

Hammerspace is radically changing how unstructured data is used and preserved. Our software unifies unstructured data across sites clouds and any storage provides extreme parallel performance for AI GPUs and high-speed data analytics and automates data placement non-disruptively with data orchestration. This creates a Global Data Environment that eliminates data silos and makes data an instantly accessible resource for users applications and compute clusters no matter where they are located.

Learn more at Hammerspace

Vast logo.png

Data Storage & Management

VAST Data offers a groundbreaking data platform designed for AI-driven businesses combining the high-performance capabilities of HPC systems with the simplicity of Enterprise NAS. This unified multi-protocol solution seamlessly supports AI and HPC workloads across data centers various data types and protocols. Its innovative disaggregated shared everything architecture can scale to exabytes and facilitates always-online system upgrades and expansions to compute and capacity without downtime delivering continuous operations. Focused on unlocking insights and accelerating innovation VAST Data helps organizations rapidly make informed decisions reducing business risks linked to data management.

Learn more at VAST Data

weka logo.png

Data Storage & Management

WEKA is a data platform provider for AI and other performance-intensive workloads helping data-driven organizations seamlessly and sustainably store process and manage their data across edge core cloud hybrid and multicloud environments.

Learn more at WEKA


Thank you to our event partners: A heartfelt thank you to AMD and all our sponsors for their pivotal roles in shaping this summit, providing invaluable insights into the latest HPC technology.


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