#DevDecember Week 4 Recap: Looking forward
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2021 is right around the corner, and with it comes the optimism a new year brings. A clean slate, a new story to write.  


So this week, we invite you to share what you hope to achieve in 2021and the activities that will get you there.    


Do you plan to spend more time listening in and sharing on live stream channels? Are there areas you want to brush up on? Do you have projects and goals you can't wait to work on? Use our fill-in-the-blank to share your can-do items for 2021. 



We shared these resources recently that support developer efforts, whether you're just starting out or are ready to kick it up a notch: 

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors  

In 2020, we launched the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program, where students can join a global community of peers, connect with mentors, learn the skills they need to land a dream job, and make a difference. Applications are open year-round, and we will accept hundreds more Student Ambassadors in 2021

Learn more about the program 


Speed up development 

What does it take to go from idea to development without detours? Best-in-class tools and product management are two of the things that boost velocity, a new McKinsey report found. Find out how to get stuff done faster in 2021 with this and other real-world strategies.  

Read the McKinsey report on how to boost developer velocity  


Learning to code 

Intimidated by the idea of learning a new programming language? We’ve got a few ways to make it easier so 2021 is the year you make it happen. Download Visual Studio Code, then dive into tutorials and other resources that you can go through at your own pace. 

Learn to program with Visual Studio Code 


Predicting meteor showers using Python and Visual Studio Code 

Shooting for the moon in 2021? This session may provide inspiration. Dr G explains what meteor showers are and how data science is used to predict these events. No coding experience required. 

Watch the recorded live stream (50 min)  


We’ve got one more thing to mention before we close out week 4 of #DevDecember: 

  • #DevWithABev is still going strong. It’s simple. Snap a pic of you with your fav bev and post on Twitter with the hashtag #DevWithABev. 


There are only a few more days left in 2020 but we’ve got a final surprise in storekeep following #DevDecember to find out what it is. 

Missed a day or a week? Head over to our #DevDecember homepage. 

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