PostgreSQL v14 is now available in Flexible Server PostgreSQL!
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We are glad to announce that support for PostgreSQL 14 (14.3) is now available to deploy on Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server in all supported regions!!




The Postgres community releases a major version every year that includes advanced features, functionalities, performance improvements, security enhancements, and bug fixes. PostgreSQL 14 has several features including:


  1. Reduced index bloat on tables with frequently updated indexes
  2. Throughput boost for workloads that use many connections
  3. Enhancements for distributed workloads, including streaming of in-progress transaction data with logical replication
  4. Query parallelism support with Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW)
  5. Improved performance vacuuming systems
  6. Improved monitoring and observability capabilities.

 Read the PostgreSQL 14 release notes for the full list of features and improvements!!   


PostgreSQL 14 on Flexible Server


Now, you can combine the benefits of PostgreSQL 14 with Flexible Server’s PostgreSQL managed database experience. Your servers are automatically upgraded to the latest supported minor versions during your server's maintenance window. 


Flexible Server drop-down with supported Postgres versionsFlexible Server drop-down with supported Postgres versions


Flexible Server supports several PostgreSQL extensions including Postgres 14 to extend the functionality of the database, in addition to:

  • Simplify the application development experience, making it easy to quickly provision, connect, and start developing by using your choice of tools integrated out of the box with GitHub, Terraform, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Web Apps.
  • Develop highly available, resilient, and scalable applications with the option to select same-zone or zone-redundant high availability.
  • Exercise maximum control by tuning over 225 database parameters, choosing a maintenance schedule that meets your business requirements, and choose & scale between different compute options based on your CPU and memory needs.
  • Secure data with full network isolation, encryption of data at rest, and encrypted connections that have full control of TLS and SSL enforcement.
  • Optimize costs with a Burstable compute tier that can be dynamically scaled up or down, the option to stop a development or test PostgreSQL server when not in use, or reserved instance pricing, where customers can subscribe to and save up to 64%.

Next Steps


We look forward to hearing about how Flexible Server is helping you to achieve productivity and meet your goals. We’re always eager to hear from you, so please reach out to us at Ask Azure DB for PostgreSQL.




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