Gen AI simplified: The azure_ai extension now generally available on Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Published May 21 2024 08:00 AM 1,437 Views

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of the azure_ai extension on Azure Database for PostgreSQL. The azure_ai extension allows developers to seamlessly integrate Azure AI services from within their database using SQL queries.  In conjunction with vector data this simplifies building Gen AI applications on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.


Features and Capabilities


With the azure_ai extension, you can now access Azure OpenAI, Azure AI Language services, Azure Translation and Azure Machine learning services with simple function calls from within SQL.


Azure AI extension integration.jpg


The azure_ai extension enables

  • Generation of embeddings with embedding models of creating embeddings with dimensions ranging from 384 to 3072.  Embeddings can be generated as a scalar single embedding or as a batch for a set of them. Along with native vector data type using vector extension, embeddings can be generated as data is inserted or updated.
  • Calling into  Azure AI Language services to perform summarization, sentiment analysis , Key phrase extraction or PII detection on your data.
  • Real-time text translation within your database with  Azure AI translator  simplifies building multi-lingual applications.
  • Real-time predictions enable many scenarios such as fraud detection, product recommendations, predictive maintenance or predictive healthcare. You can invoke custom trained models or pre-trained models from Azure Machine learning catalog that are hosted on  online endpoints. Online inferencing endpoints are a highly scalable way to operationalize models for real-time low latency requests with features such as auto-scale and rich monitoring and debugging support.

Upgrade the Azure AI extension

If you have installed the azure_ai extension a while ago, you can compare the currently installed version to the newest version allowed by using the SQL command and upgrade it to the latest version

--check the currently installed and the latest version
SELECT * FROM pg_available_extensions
WHERE name = 'azure_ai'

-- Issue an update if the installed version isn't the latest version

Getting Started

To learn more about the azure_ai extension, and how it simplifies building GenAI applications on, visit our documentation below:

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