Announcing Autoscale IOPS (Public Preview) for Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server
Published Oct 13 2022 08:00 AM 5,303 Views

How many pre-provisioned IOPS does your workload need to run smoothly and efficiently? This seems like an easy question to ask but difficult to answer, given that if you over-provision the IOPS you’ll incur extra charges and if you under-provision it, it’ll cause some serious throttling and performance degradation. And the situation only gets trickier if your workload is unpredictable or bursty. While scaling IOPS after-the-fact doesn’t cause a server restart, scaling it manually becomes a tedious and tough task in the long run.


With Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server, we’re on a mission to enable customers to bring their MySQL workloads with a minimal operational burden associated with database management, all the while maintaining maximum control. Today, we are introducing Autoscale IOPS to let you enjoy worry free IO management in Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server. The server scales IOPs up or down automatically depending on your workload needs!


With Autoscale IOPS, we’re making it easier and more cost-effective for customers to run their mission-critical workloads on Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server. The best part is that you pay only for the IO you use and no longer need to provision and pay for resources which aren’t fully used, saving both money and time. In addition, mission-critical Tier-1 applications can achieve consistent performance by making additional IO available to the workload at any time. Autoscale IO eliminates the administration required to provide the best performance at the least cost for Azure Database for MySQL customers.


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How can I switch from pre-provisioned IOPS to Autoscale IOPS?


Simple navigate on the Azure Portal to your Azure Database for MySQL flexible server. In the “Compute+Storage” blade, choose “Auto scale IOPS” option.


Screenshot Autoscale IOPS.png


Please note that Autoscale IOPS is billed on usage in per million request increments. Learn more about pricing details.




Autoscale IOPS is one new feature we are adding to Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server as part of our continuous work to provide customers with a MySQL server tuned readily with an optimal and cost-effective out-of-the-box performance. Try this feature out and let us know your feedback by reaching out to us at Thank you!


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