Announcing General Availability of Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server!
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MySQL is one of the most widely adopted databases for broad range of internet applications, and it powers many of the world’s digital and data-driven products. The latest Stack Overflow developer survey reported MySQL as the most used database among developers. DB-engines ranked MySQL as the DBMS of the year in 2019. At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. It’s therefore our firm commitment to continually bring the best of MySQL and Azure innovations to this broad community of users.


Today, we're extremely excited to announce General Availability of Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server in more than 30 regions worldwide. When we initially released the preview version of Flexible Server, we had a clear goal of allowing our customers to focus on application development and to take advantage of the simplicity of using a managed database service without losing control. We built the service to provide you with maximum control, flexibility, and the ability to customize your MySQL database configuration to easily achieve your performance, scaling, high availability, and cost optimization goals.


We’ve designed Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server to:

  • Simplify your application development experience, making it easy to quickly provision, connect, and start developing by using your choice of tools integrated out of the box with GitHub, Terraform, Azure Kubernetes Services, and Web Apps.
  • Enable development of highly available, resilient, and scalable applications with the option to select same-zone or zone-redundant high availability and the ability to scale out up to 10 read replicas.
  • Provide you with maximum control by allowing you to tune over 300 database parameters, choose your maintenance schedule, scale IOPS independent of provisioned storage, and select the optimum amount of CPU and memory resources.
  • Help you optimize costs by allowing you to start with a Burstable compute tier and then dynamically scale up or down, to stop your development or test MySQL server when not in use, and to take advantage of reserved instance pricing.
  • Secure your data with full network isolation, encryption of data at rest, and encrypted connections that have full control of TLS and SSL enforcement.


What do customers running production workloads on Flexible Server think?


We’re thankful to the thousands of our customers from 80+ countries across gaming, retail, healthcare, education, etc., who’ve trusted us with running their most business-critical applications on MySQL Flexible Server. With the recent introduction of the free trial offer, thousands more new users have been giving the service a try, and the feedback they’ve been providing is very positive.


Comments from a few of our customers that have already deployed Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server in production and their motivation and experience follow.



Many gaming customers such as Gamepub are leveraging Azure’s presence, enterprise security, and fast-growing infrastructure to launch their leading games worldwide while simultaneously decreasing their costs. For example, Gamepub decreased their costs by about 25% while improving availability. Read more about Gamepub’s story here.


GamePub - 220.png Switching to Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server helped us reduce service downtime by aligning server maintenance with the game maintenance schedule. Failure prevention and analysis has also become much easier with operating system–level monitoring. All of these management capabilities are directly related to our quality of service. Seokchan Sohn, Gamepub



JioSaavn, with millions of users and a library of over 16 million high-definition songs in 20+ languages, is South Asia’s largest music and audio streaming service. The company trusted Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server to meet its customer demands.


Jio Saavn - 220.png

Being South Asia's largest music and audio streaming service, performance, scale, and high availability of the MySQL Database is critical for us to provide millions of our users with a great listening experience round the clock. Our major motivation to move to Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server is to leverage its performance stability, zone redundant high availability, and managed maintenance window feature which will allow us to control and minimize the downtime caused by monthly patching to ensure we minimize the interruptions for our end users. Ramesh Sudini, Head of Engineering, JioSaavn



GroupHealth, one of the biggest healthcare insurance providers in Canada, is transforming the way Canadians experience benefits. Azure is proud to assist GroupHealth in their efforts to provide support for over 450,000 families.


GroupHealth - 220.png We chose Azure as our trusted cloud platform for migrating our infrastructure services. MySQL Flexible Server met our performance requirements that were at par with our on-prem production systems and gave us the simplicity to scale on-demand with read replicas. Michael Peng, Software Engineer, GroupHealth Benefits Solution



Bukalapak, an e-commerce platform in Indonesia, is on a mission to create a fair economy for all. They selected Azure as their strategic cloud infrastructure partner to support over 15.3 million micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, with 100 million customers.


Bukalapak - 220.png At Bukapalak, MySQL is our preferred database platform and we found Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server service with its zone resilient high availability, maintenance control and community edition, a right target platform for the migration of our services. We have started our migration journey and the data-in replication feature of MySQL Flexible Server made it easy and simple for us to perform minimal downtime migrations of our services to Azure. We are excited to see a rapid speed of development of this new Flexible Server platform from Microsoft and we are looking forward to grow with this platformJun Yao, CTO, Bukalapak




GitHub - 220.png As a large MySQL shop that manages hundreds of database servers in our own data centers, we certainly know what it takes to build performant and reliable data tiers. The zone redundancy and provisioning scalability of MySQL Flexible Server has helped us accelerate the expansion of our internal cloud usage at GitHub. Ilya Tillis, Director of Product - Platform & Infrastructure, GitHub


We’re invested in our commitment to improving Flexible Server and bringing continuous innovation!


Over the past year, our team has been hard at work continuously improving the service by delivering features that make the Azure Database for MySQL -Flexible Server your best choice for running MySQL in the cloud.




Note: Check out the latest and past updates in What’s new in Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server.


We’re now making the service even more affordable so that you can benefit from everything that MySQL Flexible Server has to offer. Starting December 1st, 2021, we’re further reducing the price of the B1S and B1MS Burstable compute tiers by 50%.


Currently, Azure has a worldwide presence in over 60+ regions with 170 points of presence. Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server leverages this global presence by continuously adding support for the service in new regions.


In conclusion


Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server delivers you the simplicity of a managed database service together with maximum control, flexibility, and the ability to customize to help you take advantage of the best of what MySQL and Azure has to offer. Importantly, you can focus on application development, gain productivity, and optimize costs to meet your unique needs. It’s easy to get started at no cost by using our free trial offer.


We look forward to hearing from you about how Flexible Server is helping you achieve productivity and meet your application needs. We’re always eager to hear your feedback, so please reach out to us at Ask Azure DB for MySQL.


To learn more about our new Flexible Server managed service, see the Azure Database for MySQL service page.

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