Wildcard path in ADF Dataflow

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I have a file that comes into a folder daily. The name of the file has the current date and I have to use a wildcard path to use that file has the source for the dataflow. I'm not sure what the wildcard pattern should be. The file name always starts with AR_Doc followed by the current date. The file is inside a folder called `Daily_Files` and the path is `container/Daily_Files/file_name`. I would like to know what the wildcard pattern would be. Thank you! 

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Wildcard is used in such cases where you want to transform multiple files of same type. For example, Consider in your source folder you have multiple files ( for example abc_2021/08/08.txt, abc_ 2021/08/09.txt,def_2021/08/19..etc..,) and you want to import only files that starts with abc then you can give the wildcard file name as abc*.txt so it will fetch all the files which starts with abc

In your case you are going to copy one file ( Current data file) alone daily, So you can configure using "schedule" window. Kindly refer https://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/6365/incremental-file-load-using-azure-data-factory/ for detailed steps