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I have a pipeline that includes an if activity. In the true block of the if condition, there are three activities (let’s call them A, B, and C) in sequence. A and B were successful, but C failed. When I rerun the pipeline from the point of failure (POF), it executes A and B again, even though they were already successful. My expectation was that only the C activity would be triggered, and the previously successful activities would be skipped. Is there any workaround to achieve this?

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@AkshayPusatkar  You can achieve the desired behavior of rerunning only the failed activity and skipping the previously successful ones.


Kindly navigate to the Monitor section in the ADF user interface. 

Select the pipeline run that contains the failed activity (in your case, Activity C).

Click on View activity runs under the Action column.

Choose the specific activity (Activity C) that failed.

Click the Rerun from the activity option.


This will rerun the failed activity and any subsequent activities that have not been executed. The previously successful activities (A and B) will be skipped during this Rerun.


Note: If you’re using a tumbling window trigger, retry capabilities are built into ADF and Synapse. Head over to your trigger’s configuration page and set the Retry policy: count and Retry policy: interval in seconds properties according to your preferences.


You can read @Gaurav Malhotra blogpost on Rerun activities inside your Azure Data Factory pipelines

and also Pragmatic Works training video on Azure Data Factory: Rerun Pipeline From Failed Activity


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