DF Managed Identity and GIT Repo



I made these steps and reached a problem:

- Deleted a data factory linked to a git repo

- Created the same data factory again in another azure subscription

- The new data factory was linked to the same git repo

- The new data factory had the same name as the old one

- Both, old and new, are on the same tenant, just a different subscription


Many linked services had problems, resulting the message saying "linked service doesn't exist", although they exist.

More details:

The data factory was using managed identity and the linked services were using it to authenticate to sql and synapse


the old managed identity was included in an AD Group, but once I deleted the data factory, it disappeared, I believe the identity was deleted as well.


After creating the new data factory, I included the new managed identity in the AD Group. I noticed the GUID of the new managed identity in AD was different than the GUID of the managed identity I could see when editing a linked service.

I'm not sure what's the best question here:

What Am I doing wrong?

How a new Data Factory kept the GUID of the identity of the old data factory?

Where is this old identity guid coming from? I could not find it on the ARM template files on GIT

Is there an easier way to recover the data factory from GIT and fix details like the managed identity? It seems more complex than it should be.


Thank you in advance!



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