ADF Web Activity Missing Response Headers

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I may be over looking something, but I can't seem to figure out why the ADF Web Activity does not include the Response Headers. 



I'm using the REST API via ADF Web Activity to Refresh an AAS model.  I can call the Refresh (POST) API successfully, but it doesn't provide the Refresh Id in the response.


Looking at the DOCs for AAS POST /Refreshes it states the refresh ID is included in the response header. However, the output in ADF does not seem to contain that value.


As a result, I have to use the Refreshes (GET) to get the status of the last set of refreshes and fish out the Refresh ID from there.  Not ideal, especially since the GET Response isn't ordered chronologically.

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I'm having the exact same problem.
I've been working with MSFT Support and apparently this is "as designed". Ultimately, the POST call returns an HTTP 202 along with a "Location" header that contains the URL for the GET Refresh by ID call. The way the ADF Web Activity operates is to continue to follow the URL until it receives an HTTP 200. In this case it continues straight on to the GET operation and we are none the wiser. I've asked if there was a way for us to control the flow as we may need the results from a service returning a 202, but as of now that is not possible.

Thanks a lot for the update @jonesb321 I'll keep using Logic Apps then!

There is an option to disable async pattern now. You will get the location header with refreshID in the response headers and OperationID in the body.



@Jane_Tom I am using this option to get the asynchronous API response. From last 2 days(17th oct), even if that option(Disable Async Pattern) is enabled, web activity hits the location header URL and gives the response of 200 Response code instead of 202 Response code. Is this functionality removed now?