Azure Data Factory Updated Pipeline Designer
Published Sep 06 2022 10:49 AM 9,320 Views

We are about to move the exciting new UI updates in the ADF pipeline designer from preview status into the normal default UI designer! You can view the documentation of these changes that were previously in "experimental preview" here at this link.


There are 3 primary new UI updates that you will notice next week:


1. The activity connectors are being moved from the "Output" gesture on each activity tile to the right-hand output on the outside of each activity tile.


2. The location of the current output icon is being replaced with a new floating toolbox that will allow you to add the next activity in your workflow sequence in-place without needing to drag in an activity from the mounted toolbox.




3. Updated container objects. Pipeline container objects like For Each and If Then now have a new experience allowing you to add activities in-line inside of the container and to view the workflow inside the containers from the primary pipeline UX.





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