Zero to Hero: Your Guide to Getting Skilled on Azure Data and AI
Published May 26 2022 10:19 AM 6,381 Views

Photo Blog 2.jpgWe are excited to highlight the Zero to Hero guide, our very own journey to help developers and engineers get started on Azure. We have a large collection of resources to help you ramp up in the cloud, and these guides curate all our best-in-class content in one place, making it easier to find and navigate. Technology is changing fast. With these guides you will ramp-up and level up your skill set to keep the upper hand in this competitive market. Our Zero to Hero guides ensure that you have a solid foundation as you begin to explore Azure.


The Zero to Hero guide will show you how to achieve expertise and prepare for certification in the following areas: data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, and application development with MySQL. Within 4 weeks, regardless of where you are in your journey, we can propel you to the next level.


Each week you'll watch videos, learn from step-by-step training, and try skills for yourself with self-guided exercises. Don't forget to also sign up for the associated 30 days learning challenges to earn 50 percent off Microsoft certification. 


Download the guides below and start learning today!


  1. Zero to Hero with Azure Data Engineering
  2. Zero to Hero with Azure Machine Learning
  3. Zero to Hero with Azure Artificial Intelligence
  4. Zero to Hero with Azure Database for MySQL


Are you a developer who builds apps with low-code techniques? Are you a solution architect defining the design and implementation of technology solutions in Azure? We have guides for you too!


Azure Skills Navigator for System Administrators and Solution Architects


Azure Skills Navigator for Developers 


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