Known Issue – Adblock causing errors on YouTube

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Hello Insiders,


Our Media team has received a number of reports regarding a potential bug, so we wanted to loop you in on our findings. We’ve heard that a number of users who have the AdBlock (Plus) or Adblock for Youtube extensions installed are running into errors on YouTube videos. If you’re experiencing this bug, you will likely encounter a black screen on the video player when attempting to load a video on YouTube. (See the screenshot below.) We’ve found that this behavior is happening on all operating systems and all Microsoft Edge channels.


Here’s a screenshot of the error:


Image description: a black video player screen that says, “An error occurred. Please try again later.”


Thankfully, the team has also identified an easy workaround while they investigate this further. If you’re experiencing issues with YouTube and have either Adblock extension enabled, they recommend disabling the it then reloading the web page. Give it a try and let us know if it works in the comments below!


We’d love to know if you’re seeing this error message but not using an Adblock extension, or if the above workaround doesn’t resolve the error. If so, please submit feedback through Microsoft Edge by holding down Shift+Alt+I within the browser, or navigating to the “…” menu, selecting “Help and feedback,” then choosing “Send feedback.” Please include a detailed description of what you’re encountering, and select the checkbox to include diagnostic data.


Thanks for all of the feedback and we’ll let you know when this is resolved.


   - The Microsoft Edge Team

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@Deleted I'm having a (probably) unrelated issue with full-screen playback on YouTube. When going full-screen by either pressing "F", double-clicking on the window or pressing the full-screen button, the DPI of the window sometimes glitches. Scrolling down while full-screen reveals that the size of all UI elements are increased. This is not dependent on whether the adblock (ublock in my case) is turned on or off. I've already submitted as feedback. 

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I had the same issue. I enabled Edge Flag "WebRTC Min/Max Video Encode Accelerator dimensions" (it was on Default). But then I found on another post to disable "Use hardware acceleration when available" from System. I switched the Flag back to default and tested. It worked.


Just a workaround for now. But for me, it worked.

Works for me too! Thanks :D

@luka02, tried this too and it works. Doesn't look like it really has anything to do with the ad-blocker. Very helpful and hopefully MS will look at this closley and soon.

@GreggMay @watermarkhu @luka02 


Thank you all for reporting this! The good news is that the Media team has seen the feedback, and is actively working on it.


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@Deleted but uBlock works ok on Edge Chromium Canary and youtube.

@Deleted thanks for the take care for all customers in the world 

@Rob84MK  Actually, that can be a workaround! Since I'm not a user of uBlock, is it an ad blocker? If it is, Then...

Greetings, Insiders! :lol:

As a workaround you can install uBlock from the Microsoft Edge Addons Store! If there are any issues, you can let the MS Edge team know by submitting feedback (Alt+Shift+I on Windows, and there is no shortcut for MacOS).

@Kam wrote:

If there are any issues, you can let the MS Edge team know by submitting feedback (Alt+Shift+I on Windows, I think @Deleted knows on MacOS).

@Kam Interestingly, we don't currently have a shortcut for the feedback tool on macOS. However, all users can get to it through the "..." menu, then going to Help and Feedback, then selecting Send feedback. And if anyone else is curious, here is our full list of Microsoft Edge shortcuts for both Windows and mac: Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Edge


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Deleted  Ok. :lol: I'm really :cryingwithlaughter: Good night! (It's 9:39 PM here in VA)

The Errors were only for the blocked ads that would have played, After the duration of the ads that would have played (shown in the screengrab), the video plays normally. One error per ad (typically 2 would have appeared per video)

But youtube works correct on Ublock Origin and NoScript.

Searching the Internet one recommended solution is to delete all cookies. I did not want to delete them all, because I often check store local info only.
What solved the problem for me was deleting the cookies from Youtube only.
 The instructions are here:


This issue was only affecting the Pre-Roll Ads. But Now it is also affecting the Mid-Roll Ads as well.

I believe the cause of the ABP issue is it will not update the lists.

Also the Ad is only blocked partially, hence the error. if you look at the bottom left corner of the player, you will see the video length which when paired with the Playback ID will be in line with the Ad that you would be seeing
ABP won't UpdateABP won't Update


disabled the AdBlock on chrome/window 10, and restarted the pc, still the same issue.

I am still getting that complete black screen when a video loads. Microsoft edge sucks. Really I feel like switching the browser. There is no focus on performance improvement, you just adding new features which break the browser. So improper planning.

Why have an adblocker only to disable it? as a "work a round"?

Google is very pervasive in intrusive on so many levels. I checked on cookies one company that 3rd parties to another 3rd party had 250 companies have access to Googled cookies and need to go through every one to disable cookies. That is why many have add blockers and you are asking us to disable it?

Adds block and intrude our workflow.

Please dig deeper and fix the glitch. 

OH WAIT! Where is Microsoft's365Tube? That would solve the problem :) 

Adblock and AdblockPlus are also causing an issue

with a Solitaire game I play. If you can't finish the game

you can watch an ad to get 5 free/more cards.

It's blocking the add from playing.

If I go into the Settings and allow the page it works

once and then blocks it again.

So it isn't just the YouTube extension. It's Adblock (all),

I uninstalled ABP and it's been fine ever since.