Introducing Buy now, pay later in Microsoft Edge


“Buy now, pay later,” or BNPL, lets shoppers break their purchases into equal installment payments, often interest-free, which can allow shoppers to get their purchase upfront, instead of having to wait until it’s paid in full.


Usually, BNPL is offered in specific ecommerce websites like Target, Walmart. But now, Microsoft partners with 3rd party Zip (previously Quadpay) to offer a BNPL payment option at browser level. It means any purchase between $35 - $1,000 you make through Microsoft Edge can be split into 4 installments over 6 weeks.


On top of coverage, we also aim to 1) meet you where you are. 2) simplify the application process.


Meet you where you are:

When you are in checkout page, you can find BNPL option right when you enter credit card number


For some shoppers, you can also find BNPL option right when you enter checkout page.



Simplify application process:

Applying BNPL could take time, you need to sign in with zip every single time. With BNPL in Edge, you can simply link your Microsoft account with your zip account with one click and then bypass sign in from Zip side. It can expedite the application process for you.




BNPL is currently available in Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev channels and will be available by default to all users in Microsoft Edge release 96. If you experience any issue while using this feature, please let us know through Microsoft Edge by pressing Shift+Alt+I on a Windows device or going to Settings and more … > Help and feedback > Send feedback.


You can read more on the FAQ support article. Please also join us here on the Microsoft Edge Insider forums or Twitter to discuss your experience or send us your feedback through the browser! We hope you enjoy this exciting new feature and look forward to hearing from you!

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This is an abysmally awful thing for Microsoft to promote. BNPL preys on already vulnerable people and is a dangerous anti-pattern. If you really want to get into this sphere, instead teach fiscal responsibility by letting people save up money for the thing they want to buy.

Are you insane?

How can any product manager think this is a good idea? The person responsible for this massive neglect of any users privacy and data sovereignity should be fired immediately.

Your browser will soon end up on the 'do not use' lists of multiple big corporations

stop forcing & adding spyware and advertise that nobody asked for.

@mehua - Just when you think MS are really doing the right things and then they pull out this giant xmas dump. Literally no place for this at all in the browser. What was the decision making process behind this? Way to ruin a product that had by and large made a number of decent steps over the last few years.

To bake this into the browser is such a bad idea!
You've worked so hard and now you have what I think is a superior product. This needs to be a user option period! Don't force this on everyone.
Disappointing to see this added in the core browser functionality - this kind of stuff is why extensions exist: so people who want this can decide to add it.
Please Microsoft - new Edge was on a roll of continuous improvements - please refrain from mucking it up by adding this kind of garbage features...

Moved away from Chrome cause I initially liked Edge. Going to move away from Edge to Brave now. Edge was a good idea and a good thing in the beginning but it's getting more and more blown up and commercialized sadly.

MS Windows is spyware and things like this anouncement should tell you all you need to know.

Embrace Linux and emancipate yourself from malicious software like microsoft products.

After being initially enthused about Edge and using it as my main browser, I have now abandoned it. 

this another reason to avoid microsoft.
This is a completely insane idea. Pushing buy now pay later to people is a pretty shady thing to do. Edge is currently the main browser. If this feature is added I'll be removing it, and judging by the comments here I'll not be alone.
This is, at best, a stupid idea. At worst, it is harmful to some users and bloat in the Edge software that will prove unpopular. I have used Edge as my main browser but will drop it like a burning turd if you go ahead with this 'feature'. I WILL NOT tolerate this stuff popping up on my PC - and I think most users will feel the same. Remember Windows 8? Don't repeat the mistake of trying to foist unpopular stuff on your username.
I am an enterprise administrator. While I prefer my users to use Edge over Chrome, I do not want my users using this feature.

Is there a way to disable it across the enterprise using group policy or Intune?
You guys are out of your minds with this. I had switched to Edge after being a long-time Chrome user but the second I see this ZIP Pay garbage on my instance of Edge I'm switching back. This is a supposed to be a web browser, not a utility belt.
No it has nothing to do with that. Its because this promotes debt. So a billion dollar company (Microsoft) is encouraging its users to go into debt. Its well known lots of people miss the payments and then will be charged the interest. People are being encouraged, by Microsoft, to buy stuff they can't afford. Its like the pay day loans in the UK. Its awful.

This is the lowest I've ever seen Microsoft go. I suspect there will be a u-turn on this as its REALLY bad publicity.
Please change course on this. You all have been doing such a great job with Edge. It's a great alternative to Chrome. Stuff like this ruins it and will drive people away. Every technical person you drive away is also recommending browsers to all of their friends and family members.
Absolutely nonsense. If you can't afford stuff, you need to wait until you can and plan accordingly. There's too much easy credit which leads to increasing debt and often ends with people being charged increasing interest rates. This has nothing to do with providing a useful service, and just about profiteering from vulnerable consumers.

This is horrendous; building an invitation to get into personal debt into a piece of software. You should be ashamed of yourselves, Microsoft. Utterly anti-humanity and plain wrong.

No, I have more sense