TLS/SSL Binding for custom domain contain special character
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We can secure a custom DNS name with the help of TLS/SSL binding in Azure App Service.


When hosting a website on Azure App Service, it is important to ensure that the site is secure and can be accessed via a custom domain name. This can be achieved by using TLS/SSL binding, which encrypts data transmitted to and from the website, thereby ensuring that sensitive information is protected. With this setup, users can access the website via a custom domain name, which adds an extra layer of professionalism and branding to the site.



The users are not able to purchase and bind the app service certificate for their app service having a custom domain with a special character from Azure Portal.


Solution and recommendations:

  1. Azure by default does not provide the facility to purchase the custom domain with the special character except periods and dashes.



  1. The user can purchase the custom domain outside Azure with special characters apart from periods and dashes.
  2. In this case, the user will not be able to purchase the App Service Certificate from Azure with the custom domain consists a special character.
  3. To purchase and bind the Certificate with such domain from Azure Portal, the custom domain first needs to be converted to its Punny code using the below converter:


Punycode converter (IDN converter), Punycode to Unicode :wrench:(



  1. Purchase the certificate with the Punny code custom domain and bind the certificate with the app service custom domain.

Add and manage TLS/SSL certificates - Azure App Service | Microsoft Learn


  1. Browse the app service to verify the SSL Certificate.



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