Explore sessions from Microsoft Build 2023
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Microsoft Build just wrapped but you can still experience it on demand. The event was packed with sessions covering the latest tools, development principles, strategies, and best practices.  


We’ve gathered some of the sessions from the event to help you get started. Find out how to modernize your apps with cloud services, explore ways to add AI into your apps and your dev workflow, learn about new tools, and more. 


The era of the AI Copilot  
Start building the next generation of AI apps and tools. At Microsoft Build, CTO Kevin Scott discussed how Microsoft and OpenAI are empowering developers and startups to innovate. Watch the session to learn more.  


Inject the power of the cloud and AI into your development workflow 
Discover how the cloud and AI can supercharge your development workflow. Learn how advancements in tooling let you quickly onboard new developers and then help your developers write better code, faster.  


Build and ship global full stack serverless web apps, Q&A  
Find out how to develop full stack serverless web apps with Azure Static Web Apps. Watch this session to learn about building and deploying global web apps. Get tips, learn how to optimize for performance, and integrate your app with other Azure services.    


Building and scaling cloud-native, intelligent applications on Azure  
Are you ready to build and scale cloud-native, intelligent apps? Learn how to run cloud-native apps using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Container Applications. Explore the latest capabilities and find out which service is right for your apps.    


Integrating Azure AI and Azure Kubernetes Service to build intelligent apps  
Discover how Azure AI and AKS can make it easier to build and deploy intelligent apps. Find out how you can add natural language processing and machine learning to your apps and improve your CI/CD using GitHub.   


Deliver apps from code to cloud with Azure Kubernetes Service  
Get started with AKS and deliver your apps from code to cloud with ease. Jorge Palma and Ahmed Sabbour show how to leverage Kubernetes without the hassle of managing it—and they show off some of the best AKS features along the way.  


Ship-It safely with GitHub Advanced Security  
Discover how GitHub and Azure DevOps can help improve your security posture. Watch this deep-dive look at tooling to help build security into your team’s workflow. Find out how to detect secrets stored in your code, and prevent new ones from getting in.    


Securing container deployments on Azure Kubernetes Service with open-source tools 
Learn about two valuable open-source tools to help secure your container deployments on AKS. Watch this session to see how Notation and Ratify can help ensure only trusted images are deployed.    


Kickstart your .NET modernization journey with the RWA pattern 
Based on the Azure Well-Architected Framework, the RWA pattern can help you migrate web apps to the cloud with improved performance and security. Watch this session to learn how.  


Focus on code, not infra with Azure Functions, Azure Spring Apps, and Dapr  
Discover an easy on-ramp for building your APIs with containers in the cloud. With Azure Functions, Azure Spring Apps, and Dapr, you can focus on your code and stop worrying about infrastructure. See how easy it is to get started.   


Modernizing your applications with containers and serverless 
Modernizing your apps is easier than you might think. Find out how cloud-native architectures and technologies can be applied to help you build more resilient and modern apps.  


Achieve more with Azure PaaS: Azure App Service product experts  
Fully managed platform services can help you achieve faster results with modern apps in the cloud. Watch this discussion to hear Azure App Service experts share knowledge on how to improve performance, scalability, security, and costs.  


What's new in .NET 8 for web frontends, backends, and future development 
Find out what's new in .NET 8. Watch this session for guidance on using the latest tools and features for scalable, efficient cloud apps.  

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