Announcing the .NET 7 for Azure functions isolated worker process is generally available
Published Nov 08 2022 08:46 AM 24K Views

We’re happy to share that Azure functions joins Azure Web Apps and Static Web Apps support for .NET 7.0 GA. Azure Functions is starting to roll out the RTM version of .NET 7.0 across the global infrastructure. 

Azure Functions will support .NET 7 serverless apps hosted on all Windows and Linux SKUs, including Consumption plan, Elastic Premium plan, and App Service plans. Customers can start to test in limited cloud regions (e.g West Central US, France Central) by the end of today. Additional rollouts to fully deploy the RTM version across our fleet are expected to be done by the 2nd week of November.  

.NET 7 in Azure Functions is supported by leveraging the .NET Isolated Worker process.  Azure functions .NET Isolated worker process decouples your worker process where your dotnet function code runs from the Azure Functions host runtime. Compared to the traditional in-process model, the isolated worker model supports middleware and efficiently manages dependencies and service registrations.


(Updated Nov 9, 2022 ) .NET 7 RTM is now available in all cloud regions for all Linux SKUs ( consumption, EP and ASP ). 

(Updated Nov 11, 2022 ) .NET 7 RTM is now available in all cloud regions for all Windows SKUs ( consumption, EP and ASP ). 


Getting started 

To start building your serverless applications with .NET 7, check out the official documentation:  

  • Getting started with Azure functions in an isolated process from here 
  • Create your first .NET 7 functions with Visual Studio 2022 from here 
  • Create your first .NET 7 functions with Visual Studio Code from here 
  • Create your first .NET 7 functions with Azure Core tools from here  
  • Create your first .NET 7 functions with the Azure portal from here 


Migrate your Serverless Apps to Azure functions on .NET 7  

Earlier this year, we announced that .NET Core 3.1 will reach the end of support on December 13, 2022. If your function app is running on Functions host V2 or V3, to take advantage of the latest features of .NET and Azure Functions, you are encouraged to migrate to .NET 6 in-process or to .NET 7 isolated worker process.  If your serverless application is on .NET Framework on function V1 host, if your app does not have .NET Framework 4.8 support for any reason, we highly recommend migrating to .NET 7 and other options that we shared in our latest .NET migration guides with detailed step-by-step guidance: 


Moving forward 

Please feel free to share feedback on announcement-related discussions here. Also, if you discover potential issues, please enter them on the Azure Functions .NET language worker GitHub repository.  

Coming up, we’re also closely collaborating with the community and ensuring your voices are heard. Check out our public-facing product roadmap from: 

We are excited about the road ahead with the continued innovation from .NET on Azure functions. Let’s stay connected. 

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