Using Access to search a large directory of Folders and Files

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Hello world!

Basic Scenario.

I work in a school in the UK, and we have for quite a few years used a Ticketing system (NetHD) to store and search a large collection of folders and files. Approx 4000 folders + their contents.
These contain a wide range of file types (PDF, InDesign, PSD, JPEG, Excel etc etc)
We can no longer access NETHD without paying £600 PA for the pleasure. A sum the school does simply not have.
The Question
Is it possible to create a searchable Access Database that populated itself with the contents of the root directory for file names (I've done this in Excel using conditional formatting) One that could be refreshed when new jobs arrive and that could be searchable from a simple form?
If so...How?
Can anyone point me in the right direction, knowing that I have very limited Access experience?

Your help, thoughts, pearls of wisdom greatfully appreciated.
Many thanks
Stu - Budehaven Community School Resources Team

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here is a demo.

it will only search the root (C:\) for files.

modify the code (Click event of the Search button).

change the portions to:


Call dhFindAllFiles(Me.textFile, "C:\", col, , True)


if you want a really fast search utility, you try and download Everything.exe.