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Hello experts, I have an update query SQL below and I am getting an error message.  Do you see anything obviously wrong with it? I am not sure why I am getting that error msg in the screen shot. 


UPDATE tblFXParent INNER JOIN qryFXSettDtCLast ON tblFXParent.IDFXParent = qryFXSettDtCLast.IDParentfk SET tblFXParent.DateSettleC = [qryFXSettDtCLast].[LastOfDateSettle];



thank you





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I guess qryFXSettDtCLast is not updateable (looks like an aggregate qeury). That will make your update query not updateable.



Ok that makes sense. qryFXSettDtCLast is an aggregate query. Do you happen to know of a workaround? I definitely need to update tblFXParent.DateSettleC to the LAST of Date Settle as found in [qryFXSettDtCLast]

If it helps, below is my sql of qryFXSettDtCLast
SELECT tblFXRollsChild.IDParentfk, Last(tblFXRollsChild.DateSettle) AS LastOfDateSettle
FROM tblFXRollsChild
GROUP BY tblFXRollsChild.IDParentfk;

@Tony2021 I am working on a tablet (Android} now and need to try some things first. I will be back later. 

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UPDATE tblFXParent SET DateSettleC = DLOOKUP("LastOfDateSettle", "qryFXSettDtCLast", "IDParentfk = " & [IDFXParent])
Perfect! thank you very much!
you're welcome.