Trouble with Many to Many Relationship

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I'm creating a database with 3 tables with many-to-many relationships connecting them.  tblSetup contains information about parts.  tblOperations contains process steps to make the parts.  tblTools contains information on tools used in each operation.  Each part has multiple operations and each operation has multiple tools.  See pic of relationships.


In my form I get the attached error message.  I don't understand why I'm getting it or what I need to change to correct it.  Thanks for all your help!

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@Jonathan_Wilkof You'll find a demo of the interface design needed to support many-to-many relationships in a main form/sub form. It's based on different content, but the concepts and principles are the same. 

Hi, Jonathan  @Jonathan_Wilkof are you got the solution to that problem or not yet..??

@George Hepworth can you hep me also...

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I'm getting the same problem idk how to fix it.