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I have an Access database that I created under an older version of Access and on an older 32 bit system computer.  When I attempt to open my database file on my new 64 bit system computer, I receive an error message indicating that the file cannot be opened because it was created on a 32 bit system. I am a paid subscriber to Office 365.  


I want to upgrade the database file to a current version of Access, and I want to open the database file on my new 64 bit system computer.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  Robert Chiaravalli

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Do you know VBA?

@roberthrstrategybiz In order to run APIs under 64 bit Access, you need to adjust the Declarations for them. 


Here are two references that will help you work through that process. 


Phillip Steifel's Code Kabinett 


Daniel Pineault's DevHut