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I am currently working on the Microsoft Access task management template and I can’t remember how to show a new field that I inputted in the task details to reflect under the task list

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A screen shot sure would help us understand the problem, and that would help us offer an appropriate suggestion to deal with it.

@George Hepworth thank you for your response. I was able to resolve my issue earlier today but I will certainly provide a screenshot for future inquiries.

One of the really nice things about public forums like this is that they allow people to post not only the original question, but in addition they can provide a description of the resolution to the problem. That way others can benefit as well. Can you do that here?
Sure. I am unable to provide a screenshot at the moment but I resolved this issue by right clicking on Task details under the Forms sections (not reports) and then I was able switch the view to Design for my desired changes
Thanks. We can hope that someone else will benefit from your experience.