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I have accidently delineated the switchboard from the forms sidebar in Access - how can I get it back?

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"...the forms sidebar..."? 

Do you mean the Navigation Pane? 


If so, it's gone, unfortunately. You can probably import the form, though, from your most recent backup copy of the accdb.

@George_Hepworth - No, I deleted the Switchboard Manager from forms so I can no longer open Switchboard Manager. How do I get it back??


I'm not sure what that means then. Do you mean that you deleted something from a Ribbon?


What version of Access are you using, by the way?

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing? 

I created a Switchboard Manager as shown, it appeared in the forms panel as it should. However, I accidently deleted it from there, so I can no longer open the Main Switchboard. I am using Access 2019 with Microsoft 365. 





Thanks. It has been many years since I used the old switchboards so I'm not sure,  I think what that did was delete the form itself from the accdb. If so, the solution is, as previously suggested, to go to the most recent backup and import it from there.

Open the Navigation Pane, as I showed, and look for a form there called "Switchboard". 


It also just occurred to me that you must be using an mdb, not an accdb, correct?


Here's Switchboardform.pngSwitchboard form in an mdb, opened in Access 2019.

No I am using an accdb, I have the navigation panel open and it is not there as I accidentally deleted it. How would I recover it?
I was not aware that you could still create switchboards in an accdb. Sorry.

As I said, twice, import it from the most recent backup.
How do i import it from backup please?


You can follow these steps to import the most recent copy of the switchboard from your most recent backup of the accdb.


Locate the most recent backup copy of the accdb (where you stored it varies, but you should know because you created it). Note the location so you can navigate to it.

Open the working accdb and select "External Data" on the ribbon. Then select "New Data Source". It suggests you'll import data, but it also imports forms and other objects. Select "From Database", then "Access".


This will open a file dialog. Navigate to your backup accdb and select it.



Now you can select the "Switchboard" form (I don't have one to show unfortunately.)



If you made changes to the Switchboard since you last created a backup, you'll have to reimplement those newer changes, but that's better than starting all over again, which is always an option.