show names instead ID

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Hi , How to show  names instead of ID ,

I have a query used in two forms that contain a filed's row source is a query . So in the first form it's Okay it shows names but in the seconde form shows ID . How can I show names instead of IDs , Thank yoy

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@soufiane91 This sounds like you might have used one of those dreadful Lookup Fields in your table. Correct? IF so, the solution is to convert it back to a standard number datatype in the table.

Then, in the form where you want to display the value instead of the ID, use the value field from the related table.


If I've misunderstood the situation, let me know and also clarify what the design is.

@George_HepworthI try a subform , I try a listbox but in vain


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@soufiane91 I think the solution is, as I said before, to include the table which DOES have the client name field in it as part of the query for the list box. Display that client name field in the list box instead of the Foreign Key (i.e. the ID) field.