Share file live?

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How can we share an excel file that we can all update simultaneously and share data between the four of us.


Like a conference call.



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Are you planning to use Access in the process, or is this strictly an Excel project?

If the latter, please post Excel questions in the Excel forum where other Excel users will be more likely to see them.

To collaborate on an Excel file in real-time with multiple users, similar to a conference call, you can use Microsoft Excel's built-in collaboration features, or you can opt for a cloud-based platform. Here are two methods:

**1. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Online Collaboration:**

If all users have access to Microsoft 365 subscriptions, you can collaborate on Excel files online using the Excel Online app. Here's how:

1. Save the Excel file to your OneDrive or SharePoint account. This ensures that everyone can access the same file from the cloud.

2. Open the file in Excel Online:
- Go to the OneDrive or SharePoint site where you stored the file.
- Click on the file to open it in Excel Online.

3. Share the file with your colleagues:
- Click the "Share" button in Excel Online.
- Enter the email addresses of your colleagues, and choose the appropriate sharing permissions.
- Send them an invitation to collaborate.

4. All users can now access and edit the Excel file simultaneously in real-time, similar to a conference call. Changes are automatically saved, and you can see who is making edits.

**2. Cloud-Based Collaboration Platforms:**

If you prefer a more real-time collaboration experience similar to a conference call, you can use cloud-based platforms that offer real-time collaboration on Excel files, such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Teams:

- **Google Sheets:** Google Sheets allows multiple users to collaborate on a spreadsheet in real-time. Upload your Excel file to Google Drive, open it with Google Sheets, and share it with your colleagues. Everyone can work on the file together and see each other's changes instantly.

- **Microsoft Teams:** If your organization uses Microsoft Teams, you can share and collaborate on Excel files within Teams. You can upload the file to a Teams channel, and team members can work on it simultaneously using the built-in Excel Online editor.

Using these methods, you and your colleagues can collaborate on Excel files in real-time, much like a conference call, and share data effectively. The specific choice of platform may depend on your organization's preferences and subscriptions.