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Sample MS Access databases for various company sites

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I'd like to find a sample MS access database that already has the tables / reports / queries populated that i could modify.


Ive got over 10 sites that i want to collect simple information instead of different spreadsheets all over the place.


I need to collect information such as site name/address/city/state/zip, and other misc information about that site, such as internet speeds, etc and so forth.

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Needs more information about what you want to collect and from where. 

I asume that you have 10 websites and collect information from the databases from those websites? 

If the sites use MySQL database you can make a connection when you install an ODBC driver. One condition is that  your provider allows you to acces the database from the website from your own location.  To find a example for this............   will not be easy. 


If you have more detailed information about what you need I can look arround for you.  Or give you a headstart with a database from myself where I import tables from webshops. 











Thanks for your response. It is actually more simple than that. There is no websites involved here, and I am not opposed to it, only if it is locally, that maybe I use it to enter the data in thru the web, and display the results I am after in the web.


This is a company that owns multiple different companies, so each company operates independently from all the others. What I mean is I have multiple spreadsheets, some spreadsheets on the borderline with the same information. For the most part the spreadsheets are high level. An example would be I have a spreadsheet that has all the information pertaining to all the sites regarding only camera basic configuration. Another spreadsheet regarding all of the ISP's for those sites, etc.


Does this help? Thanks Marcel.