Requested type library or Wizard is not a VBA project -- error with ACCDE file

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Hi, I have a accdb file with my vba code. I saved it as a accde file without error. Now when I open the accde file, the database open normally (with no startup form for now); I then open my main form manually which open normally, presenting my welcome tab form with no problem; then when I tried any other tab I get this error : "Requested type library or Wizard is not a VBA project" (Actually since I have the french version the message is "La bibliotheque de types ou l'Assistant requis n'est pas un projet VBA").


My Access version is :

Microsoft® Access® pour Microsoft 365 MSO

(Version 2307 Build 16.0.16626.20170) 64 bits

and my Power Apps subscription is :

Microsoft 365 Apps for business


I did that on the same machine with the same version of Access (the only one I have). Any clue how to fix this error is welcome ?

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