Process hole in Microsoft Access

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Goodmorning everyone.

I would like to report an "important" process hole on Microsoft Access!

I declare that I am surprised that although this product has been on the market for several years, it still does not have this important feature (I don't think I'm the first in the world to complain about this shortage).


in Microsoft Access:

there is no (or I do not know despite my laborious searches on the web) any type of functionality that allows me to format the text in the "Visual Basic" (VBA) section.
This would be fundamental for those who develop frequently as it is of fundamental importance for example to make common some sections of the code in order to associate them mnemonically and then quickly identify them in case of revision of the code itself (it would be enough to implement the highlighting of the text with color) .
I ask the experts if I made a request impossible to implement (or can I hope for a future version that contains this feature)?

Thanks for the attention!

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@FCatalano You won't be surprised to learn that this is one of the most common requests for enhancements to VBA, which is shared by Microsoft Access and other Office applications. I can assure you that the Microsoft developers have heard it multiple times.


Because VBA does NOT belong to the Access team, though, the request needs to go to the team responsible for VBA itself.


I urge you to go to Access User Voice, find one of the many requests that reflect your concerns and add your support. I'm afraid you'll find, though, that there is little appetite for it.

@FCatalano Mz-Tools handles the code indentation along with a lot of other features..

I you want just indentation then smart indenter should do the job but you have to be a bit creative to find it as it seems is gone...also it seems for newest Access versions the version VB6 works better (untested)

Also a lot of good words for RubberDuck but i haven't test it.