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Problems changing Tab Order in a Datasheet Subform

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I am using Access 2016 with an application in an MDB file.  I have a form with a subform that is displayed as a datasheet.  I added a new column to the subform and positioned it between two of the existing fields.  I saved the form and opened in Form View the new column is on the far right of the Datasheet.


I went back to design mode, and tried changing the TAB ORDER on the subform.. I moved the new column from the last position to the position I wanted.. Saved the form.. Reopened it to confirm the TAB ORDER saved.. and it did.  But when I open the form in Form View the new column is still at the far right.


Someone in another post said the Datasheet orders the columns by the order they appear in the query.  So I tried rearranging the query but then I started getting 2001 errors in my Autoexec Macro. 


Can anyone tell me what I'm missing and how to fix this?


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you should first create the Form in Single Form (not in datasheet) first and arrange
your fields. you can then view the form in datasheet without them getting re-arranged.

always arranged your columns (fields) in Single Form view first.



Datasheet is a different beast:

Open it in datasheet view, select the entire column by clicking on it's header, drag it wherever you want it to be and save this status by clicking on the floppy symbol or pressing Ctrl+S.



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