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Opening older version of access database - Reference number 1483472044

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I recently purchased access so I can continue to modify my database I use for an event and I am receiving the following error message: Unrecognized database format 'D:\Database 2019\Database1.mdb'.


When I click ok after the above error message, it closes the file and I cannot change the format at all.


All the posts indicate I need to open the file in an older version in order to change the file format but I do not have access to an older version. I was using my work computer and they upgraded office. How can I open 

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Probably this error is not related to the version of your best bet is that you have some kind of corruption...give info what exact version was your Access and what Access you have currently.

If by any chance is an older version and the messagebox is misleading you can try my Article at EE for older databases: