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Currently I use OneNote as a Journal as I gather information to order parts for HVAC service techs.  So I have notes about who I talked to what they need and then I have data like model numbers, serial numbers and part numbers, POs and Job location info. Then I have to copy some info over to Excel... I hate the redundancy and OneNote Searching is okay but not great and I have to find entries from the last year or even several years fairly frequently. I wonder if I could use Access instead or if I could use Access for the Data and minimal notes and comments and then have links to more in-depth comments in OneNote.  An additional problem is that after parts are ordered and installed, I have to use data to file for warranty credits (what a pain!) so that is why I have had the Excell spread sheet.  PS I used the Desktop version on OneNote as the in-web browser version is too limited. Sorry for the lengthy description.




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First, it's usually better to provide more information rather than less information. People are capable of filtering out what they don't need, but they would have no way to know what was left out of a simplified description, so it's good.


Yes, Access handles tasks like this extremely well. Access, however, requires more knowledge and understanding of good, or appropriate database design to enable getting it done right.


I am not sure that you could automate OneNote from Access, but that's not something I've heard of anyone doing, so maybe it's possible, just rare. 


Start with a thorough review of Database Normalization. That means the design principles that all relational database applications should be built on.

Okay great, I will check "Database Normalization", And I will continue to explore Access. I don't think I would need to "Automate" OneNote but I was thinking if I could have a link in Access to the Journal entry in OneNote... that sort of thing. Thank you!
"I was thinking if I could have a link in Access to the Journal entry in OneNote." I don't really think so, but no one I know has tried. It might be doable via automation.
Okay, I will keep that term in mind as well. Thanks for your advice!