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I have inherited an old Access database at my new job. It has been a while but I had some training on Access years ago.
I need to enter data into this database but I seem to only be able to see the form view. I have tried to change it but a lot of the options are grey.
I would rather enter data faster because now it takes ages to enter my data (due to how it was designed I think).

I have searched for information and I read Excel isn't a good alternative for a database.
Any ideas on how I could speed this process up or convert this into something more up to date (and faster)?

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In order to assist, we will need some more specific information starting with:

1. What version of Access are you using now? Is it a full version or Runtime?
2. Do you know what version of Access the old database was created in?
3. If it an ACCDB or MDB file? Or has it been compiled as ACCDE/MDE?

If you can only see Form view, that may be because:
a) the database is locked down and other views are disabled in the property sheet
b) the right click shortcut menus have been disabled
c) you are using Runtime or its an ACCDE/MDE file

If you have a full version and its not an ACCDE/MDE file, open the file whilst holding down the Shift key. Next right click on a form in the navigation pane. Are you able to open in design view?

Can you open forms in design view

I'm not entirely sure if I have all this information but this is what I could find:
* Filename ends with .accdb (+ SQL is mentioned in file name)
* File version MS Access 2007 Database
* When I open access and check File-Account it says MS 365 Apps for enterprise (Version 2102 (Build 13801.20808 Click-to-Run)

* I have the feeling the database is locked but I'm not sure about this
* I'm able to open Design view with your Shift key solution
* Because of how it was designed I still need to go to all the separate tabs and then do the Shift key action. Is there a fast way to access all tables (preferably in Datasheet view so I can enter quickly)?

OK. It sounds like you have the full version as you are able to view forms in design view.

Are you able to view objects in the navigation pane?

Why do you think your database is locked?

Are you able to do some screenshots and/or upload a cut down copy of your database for someone to look at