Office 365 Access command buttons have stopped working properly. They are now flat versus raised

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I renewed my subscription in April. Office 365 Access was working ok but now it is not working properly. Command buttons are no longer raised -- all are flat and cannot select the Control Formatting.

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@Mildred001 Do you think renewing your subscription was the direct cause of the change in behavior? I ask because there can be a difference between causation (a caused b) and coincidence (both a and b happened at the same time, but for different reasons).


In any event, one way to approach this is to open the form in design view and see what theme is applied to it. Can you restore the desired layout by choosing a different theme?



@George Hepworth 


Thanks for you suggest George. Changing theme didn't work. You may have a point -- solution just may be a reload/update of the software. I'll keep you posted and, again, thank you for your suggestion.