Numerous Many-to-Many tables and form


I have created a new database with many-to-many relationships and I am having issues creating a form to track and enter data.


I have Users who may be assigned to different departments.

I have many users to a department.

I have many applications that may be assigned to users.

I want to see what departments have what applications associated with them.


I have created junction tables for UserApplications, UserDepartments, and ApplicationDepartment.


I have pre-populated a table with all Department Names.

I have pre-populated a table with all Application Names

I have added the Access_Date and Release_Date to the UserApplications Junction table to track when a user gets access to an application or loses access.

If I try to create a form to show all this information I get a blank screen. Need help in understanding where I've gone wrong.


Should I just create a table to show users with departments. A table to show Departments with Applications, and a table to show Users with Applications?


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