Number Data Type with a Decimal field size bug now fixed?

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I just updated to Office Version 2006 (Build 13001.20198) Current Channel (Preview).

This was released yesterday - June 18th.

I ran a few quick tests and it seems to have solved the issue related to using SQL/VBA to write to a Number Data Type, with a Decimal field size.

There is no mention of this fix in the release notes (or anywhere else):

I'm going to do some more testing before I use this version in production.

Has anyone else seen the issue fixed in Build 13001.20198, or am I missing something?

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@sjhudson I was able to confirm that this is, indeed, a fix for this problem. 

Keep in mind that you are on the Preview Channel, which means that you're getting updates sooner than general release Channels. Other Channels are on track to get it soon.