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I am an Access developer, even from version 1!.
I have always made updates when needed.
I have dozens of large software connected to DB Access, SQL Server and MYSQL via ODBC.
To date, the fact that XP S.P 3 machines are still in use has prevented me from going beyond version 10 (which I will now discontinue).
Version 10 seems the latest with the setup wizard and it is the one I am using.
The widespread diffusion of 32-bit Office has almost always prevented me from installing the 64-bit version, which unfortunately cannot coexist with the client's possible version.
Obviously I can't use a runtime that the customer has to pay for and I have to go out with software that is distributable with the runtime.
I would like to develop with Access2019 not 365 (also for Azure), there is talk of a Runtime 2019 will come out? If in the short aspect.
What should I expect?


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There is a 365 version for download:

Download and install Office 365 Access Runtime