MS Access run time error 53, file not found

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When I am trying to open an access file, it shows microsoft visual basic error, "run time error 53, file not found". Please show a solution to this.


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How are you opening the file? Double-clicking directly on the file, opening Access and using file open?

If you hold down the shift key while opening the database do you get the same message?

When you opened the file and receive the error, do you have an option to debug, if so, what code is it highlighting as being problematic?


It says, Call Shell(stAppName, 3). What does this mean. Please tell

Can you please post the entire procedure in which that line is found.

What I'm after is trying to see how stAppName is defined.

The issue is Shell is trying to launch another program which is defined by


stAppName = txtSoftwarepath & "ExtractCompare.exe"


and it can't find that file in the specified location.


So you'd need to locate that exe file and then update the txtSoftwarepath to reflect the proper path.  Your best bet would be to consult your IT support or the company that made the original database.

Sorry Daniel for reviving this, but I'm just having some problems, the error doesn't appear if I double click it, but if I open it using CMD (Example "C:/Application.exe") the error 53 appears, do you know if there is any way to fix that to be able to open the application from CMD?