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MS Access 2016 is not Responding when i open a Report or Table

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When i open any Report or Table the Access 2016 is not responding. In Access File i have 4 Linked Tables and few Reports and Queries which i created based on the  Linked Tables which are linked to MS Excel 2016 File in the same folder. I am using Windows 10 OS.

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Probably the linking to Excel is the be certain make make table queries and create local tables out of the Excel and test again. Just yesterday i had a case with a rather small Excel as Linked was literally crawling..making an Access table out of this just skyrocketted the performance.
To check if this issue is caused by some add-ins, please try starting Access in the Safe Mode by the following steps:

1. Close all Access windows;

2. Press Windows key + R to start Run:

3. Paste the following command into Run: msaccess /safe

4. Run you Access query in the Safe Mode and see if the issue would appear.

Meanwhile, as you mentioned that other Office applications also have a similar "not responding" issue, I'd suggest that you try performing a clean reboot to check if this behavior is caused by other applications installed on your PC.

If my above information couldn't help, please also open Access > go to File > Account > capture a screenshot of the version information and let us further investigate it for you.