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I have spent many hours with both Office Tech Support and Windows Tech Support trying to solve a serious technical issue. They finally gave up and told me they do not support MS Access, and to present my problem to this forum. I don't understand this. Is this forum run by Microsoft Tech Staff who can address an issue that Level 3 Tech Support was not able to? Can I talk to someone on the phone or Skype? Can I have a tech person log into my PC to look at and try to resolve the problem? Where am I?


I feel like I have crawled way, way out on the limb of a tree and have now fallen off. Where have I landed - can someone please explain. MS Tech Support are refusing to help me further.

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Is it the same problem we discussed previously ?


Yes - same problem, but I am trying to find out what this community is. Is it manned by Microsoft tech staff, as I was told be Level 3 Office support as they abandoned by problem. Or is it a community of well-intentioned public people who band together to share ideas. I have no issue with the community, as such, but I was lead to believe this was a Microsoft Official site, manned by Microsoft full time staff. Is that the case, of have I been mislead?

@CustomMadeDB Strange how you have put it....

In my knowledge this is just another "forum" from the many under the roof of MS

It has extra low traffic (very few questions) and just a handful of participants...i don't know if it has some sort of Level3 assistance (i doubt)

The other 2 forums are :

Microsoft Access for Developers (probably the "best" of the 3)

Answers Microsoft

Besides that MS recommends LinkedIn and Stack Overflow

Personally i am proud member of Experts-Exchange which is an all around Tech Problem Solver with some of the best experts and extremely strong in Ms Access.