Microsoft Teams - Video Chat

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I know the number of people who can access a video chat at one time is 250. With the big numbers, obviously, the host will not be able to see everyone. What does the host see on their screen when they have a video chat with 100 or so people? And what can the other participants see on their screens? Up until now I have only hosted chats with 4 so we can all see each other.
Any advice would be appreciated
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Especially for online schooling due to COVID-19, teachers need to see a gallery of their students. Four simply isn't enough.

I agree that some way of moving through the screens to see all meeting participants is a big need. @jraff 


@jraff I had 8 students in my online class through teams and could only see 2 of them.  What do I need to do to see them all at the same time? Does it matter that I am doing it from a google chrome laptop?


Given that the "Access" in the title of this forum is the Microsoft Access application which is part of the MS Office suite, it might be more productive to find a forum dedicated to Teams and ask your question there.