Microsoft Access file extension .laccdb

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When a Microsoft Access database is opened a Microsoft Access record locking file by the same name as the database and with a file extension of .laccdb is also opened. I inadvertently changed the .laccdb file to “always open with” to Adobe. How can I change that back to the Microsoft default?

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It is very rare that you ever need to view the .laccdb file direct so in one sense it doesn't matter....

I have the default set to Notepad.


If that's OK for you, the simplest method is to hold down the Shift key as you click on the lock file then choose Open Notepad and tick the checkbox to Always use this program. Or do that from the Apps section in Windows Settings 


Otherwise I think you'll need to reinstall or repair Office

Thanks for your response. My real concern was would there be a problem if the "open with" it was set to Notepad or some other application. I didn't think there would be a problem and I believe you confirmed that. Thanks again.
Using Notepad or similar as the default for .LACCDB is definitely not an issue.
Its a simple text file and will normally contain the workstation name and Admin as the user
e.g. COLIN-PC Admin

I'm sure there must be a simple method of removing any default app that was incorrectly set, but the only method I know is to edit the registry directly.