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Microsoft Access Cascading Combo Boxes -

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Good morning..I need to incorporate a Cascading Combo Box in my current database whereby I want to select a Machine group in the first drop down box and then be able to select different machines types in the second drop down box depending on what group of machines I select. 

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There are a lot of written and video descriptions out there how to do this, e.g. by Richard Rost or FMS.

If you don't succeed than you should provide details of what you have tried and where you failed.


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There is an example of cascading combo boxes on my website as well:

Cascading Combo Boxes (

If you're doing this in a Continuous Forms form, you may want to look at the Northwind 2 Developer Edition, Order form. Click the yellow ? button for the documentation we wrote about cascading comboboxes on this form.