Linking Data From Excel to Access to Sharepoint List

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I retrieve data in Excel. I am trying to create a link from this data to a Sharepoint List so that the data can be shared in a separate template that includes that data as a Power Query. If I export from Excel to Sharepoint, I do not maintain a "live" refresh of the data (when the data is updated in Excel it is not reflected in Sharepoint list). I am now trying to link the data from Excel to Access and from there link it to Sharepoint. I am able to link the Excel to Access and see changes reflected; I am able to link Access to Sharepoint and see changes reflected. But I am unable to see changes reflected in Sharepoint that are made in the original Excel file. Any thoughts/suggestions/work-arounds? *Note, I am currently using Office 2013 but will be moving to 365 in the next month!

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I'm not sure if I understand your situation right, but linking from Access to Excel and SharePoint doesn't automatically link the Excel-sheet to the SharePoint list. You need a query in Access to update the SharePoint list from Excel. The type of query depends on whether you want to update or reload the SharePoint list from Excel.


Follow the steps in this article:

If your list on the sharePoint gets updated, you will need to Refresh connection in excel in order to get the updated data from the SharePoint List.