Linked Tables Managers not showing 'Delete Link' option

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I can´t seem to delete links in the Linked Tables Manager - Microsoft Access.


A couple of weeks ago, I would change the links by deleting the existing ones and adding a new when I needed to change from production environment to testing environment. Now, when I click Linked Tables Manager in my db, the option "delete" and "Add" are not available on screen. What changed? How can I delete and add a new access table to the links on my Access DB?

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@tecmetro You didn't specify which version of Access you are using. So far as I know, the Linked Table Manager has not included an option to add or delete tables in any version up to Access 365. 


The newest versions of Access 365, however, do include an enhanced Linked Table Manager


Perhaps what happened here is that you WERE working with the newer Access 365 LTM, but happened to open this accdb with an older version.

I'm using Office 365 Microsoft Access 2013 (15.0.5119.1000) 64 Bits....

A couple of weeks ago i could easily change the linked db file...

If my current version doesnt have the enhanced version of the Linked table Manager, how can I change the linked table of my access front end?
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@tecmetro You can still change the links, just not via that enhanced LTM. And I am not at all clear on how you can have that 2013 version of Access with the enhanced LTM. I suspect there's a bit more to the story....


In any case, do this:



Turns out other computers here on the server had newer versions of Access and they all had the delete and add option. Also, i did what u told me and now I can sucessfully change the linked Db. Thanks man!
Congratulations on solving the problem. Continued success with the project.