Issue with KB 5002099

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KB5002099 (update for Microsoft office 2016) has been causing me a lot of problems whenever I tried to connect data using source: Access into Excel. 


Back in January 7th, I was able to remove the update by removing KB5002099 or KB5002098 and I was able to use Excel properly


It is now Jan 31st and I thought that removing the new file KB500211X would work but was unsuccessful. I can see that Microsoft has given a resolution to it to KB5002115 but that does not work. 


I am urgently needing some help because its a core system for our monthly function.




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As you can see in the last column of the version table of the support article for this bug, Microsoft plans to finally ship the full fix for Access 2016 MSI today (Feb 1). So, there is at least some hope. The rollout always takes 1-2 days and can often be requested accelerated by actively clicking "Update Now" in the application. So, maybe give it a try/click every few hours.


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