help with access please.

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hello if we say that I am a beginner I want to make the database I already have the table that is with the relevant data of a person name surname etc but I want that search bar that I look for a name and then the data of the person appears
I don't know if it is possible for you to send me a video or the step by step to make that search bar work, please, and also do the same as the template you have, but there is some data that doesn't work for me, so no I know how to do it



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Hello, I don't know if I can help you much, but I'll be brief: First assumption, event that "reacts" or updates when changing the combo box... Second, from where are there problems? Does the route data appear in the selection? What query-s, table-s... does the form and sub-form-s depend on? (Using templates, in my opinion, is to study and understand them, but almost never apply them in a private environment...) I hope I have been able to give you some idea, if you can provide more information or the link to the template, I will gladly review it better . salu2







Hola, no se si podre ayudarte mucho, pero seré breve:



Primera suposición, evento que "reaccione" o actualice al cambiar el cuadro combinado...


Segunda, ¿ desde donde hay problemas? ¿ En la selección apraecen los datos de itnerés ?


¿De que consulta-s , tabla-s... depende el formulario y sub-formulario-s?


( Utilizar plantillas en mi opinión, es para estudiarlas y comprenderlas, pero casi nunca aplicarlas en un entorno privado... )


Espero haber podido dar alguna idea, si puede facilitar mas información o el link de la plantilla, con gusto, puedo revisarlo mejor.